Creating An Argumentative Essay On Animal Farm


To boot, in an argumentative essay, the writer must bear in mind that the objective here is not only to provide data but to be able to clearly present an argument that comes with “fors” and “againsts” of the argumentative issue. What is more, it is imperative to take your stance and compose it as if you are attempting to convince an opposing audience to consider new behavior or beliefs. In a nutshell, your goal in writing this form of written discourse is to convince people to alter beliefs that a lot of them do not consider to alter.

What are the things you need to factor in when composing an argumentative essay on animal farm?

  • When writing, your topic should be properly narrowed down. More than that, make sure that it contains a clear argument.
  • Your topic must be sufficiently backed up with outside source citations as well as statistics. Take in mind that using your feelings to support your argument won’t work mainly because you cannot persuade people by merely feelings. This means that if you could find adequate proof to back up your point and effectively refute others, then, you could pick challenging topics that have something to do with animal farm.
  • Aside from this, animal farm argumentative essay comes with advantages and disadvantages. So, prior you start writing, it is crucial to create a list of these points and select the most appropriate ones among them for refuting and supporting.
  • For a fact, supporting your points is regarded as the most valuable component when convincing others. Writers ask some audience to alter their actions or beliefs. It is fundamental to back up your points in your animal farm argumentative essay with statistics, facts and authorities so that doubts would be avoided.
  • Essentially, signposts truly obtain significance when it comes to this form of essay since they let the target readers follow the arguments without difficulty.


When you are to write an argumentative essay, it is essential to note that when refuting the opposing arguments, it is a must to stipulate their opposing points. Otherwise, it will be similar with knocking the person with eyes closed. It is worth noting that as a writer it is vital to see clearly what you are hitting and always be ready in advance so that the opposing view won’t be able to hit you back. This can be done through clearly knowing what you are refuting.