Guidelines On How To Craft A 7th Grade Argumentative Essay


To ensure that your argumentative essay is effective, it must consist of specific components what could convince the target readers to perceive things from your viewpoint. That said, it is imperative for the writer to devote some time planning and preparing prior he or she decides to jump into composing an argument essay. Here are some guidelines that you need to ponder on when crafting a 7th grade argumentative essay:

  • Search for an outstanding subject to discuss.
  • It is essential to think about many issues at the beginning and from there you could pick the one you think you can handle well. Having a list can help you decide easily which one is best for you to write about.

  • At the time you reflect on both stances of your subject, you may take your stance.
  • When you already pick the subject you truly prefer, it helps to create a list of ideas for both positions of the argument and choose your stance. Your goals should be to introduce both stances of the issue you presented with an evaluation of each. Indeed, you shall conclude that one stance (which is your chosen position) is the most excellent conclusion.

    Take note that in the planning stage, it is imperative that you mull over solid arguments for the other stance. After that, you shall shoot them down.

  • Collect evidence.
  • When you consider arguments, take into account that the act of arguing actually consists of providing solid evidences to fully back up your claim- whether this is with or without emotions. Avoid too much drama. Provide clear evidence why one stance is the best.

  • At the time you have provided yourself a strong foundation to start working on, it is high time to start composing your written discourse.
  • Note that an argumentative essay must comprise of three components such as the introduction, body of the paper as well as the conclusion. Essentially, the length of these components in terms of the number of paragraphs shall differ hinging on the length of your writing project.


It is substantial to pick your most solid evidence and be able to present your points clearly one by one. In the same way, it is of great help to make use of a combination of evidence types – that is from statistics, to other analyses as well as other anecdotal stories. It is worth noting that this component of your essay could be of any length.

What is more, it is vital to re-state your stance as the most practical and realistic one in the summary paragraphs. Be sure that you are insightful about the difference between an emotional perspective and a logical conclusion. It is not advised to make up evidence and of course you have to avoid unreliable sources of evidence as much as possible. Also, refrain from using emotional language as this may only sound senseless and illogical.