Interesting Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics From Experts


When you are to write a rhetorical analysis essay, take in mind that it is a must for you to provide knowledge on how you feel the writer behind the composition in question constructed their message to the targeted audience. To put simply, your written discourse must be able to provide acumen on how you feel the information was obtained and what you understood from the composed content. Here, it makes sense to detail how the speaker or writer wanted to influence the target audience through his or her work.

Here are some engrossing rhetorical analysis essay topics from experts that you could get some ideas from:

  1. Socrates revolutionary speech at Athens
  2. Analysis of a television advertisement
  3. A poem by Charles Wright
  4. A speech given by Steve Jobs
  5. An awards acceptance speech by your most adored celebrity
  6. Nelson Mandela's Historical speech
  7. An editorial column in your most trusted and preferred newspaper
  8. A short story by Guy de Maupassant
  9. The irony behind fabricated news website
  10. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech
  11. Speech given by your most admired president
  12. US President Barack Obama's speech on Gulf war
  13. Rhetoric criticism of a well-known football player
  14. A speech given by a famous novel writer won the Nobel Peace Prize
  15. Speech about “Chance for Peace” by Dwight D. Eisenhower's

Needless to say, one of the most complex aspects of composing a paper is developing a title. Take into consideration that your title must reveal more than what your essay is about. In other words, there must be an element that makes people want to go over your written discourse. It is of big help to consider what impression you prefer to make in the minds of your target audience when they read your title.


While it is true that thinking of what topic to write for your paper and developing a title are very daunting tasks especially at the beginning, it matters to consider your subject and why you prefer to compose your written discourse from this viewpoint- this is especially pivotal when working on your own idea.

In the same way, your title could aim for your message or viewpoint you feel was chosen from the content you are composing about. And, because titles could only be about anything you could come up of, there are exceptional pieces of task that you can consider in order to obtain more insight on how ingenious you could be with your topic and title.