Composing A Comparison Essay On Art History

When you are asked to compose a comparison essay, it is crucial to examine and determine the differences and similarities of two subjects you wish to compare. In point of fact, this can be a challenging task especially for those who are still novice in writing. Take note that for you to sufficiently depict a work of art and be able to analyze or correlate it to another, it is helpful to master a something about the documented context of its layout as well as the artist of course.

What are the things you need to note when coming up with an art history comparison essay? For a fact, mulling over the correct structure for your written discourse is deemed as one of the valuable points of a successful writing. Adhering to the recommended essay format is the sole approach to correctly outline and compose it- that is, paragraph to paragraph from the introduction section to conclusion without mishaps. Indeed, many of us are aware that the essay’s introduction section is very substantial. This is the part that provides the reader her or his initial impression of the text of the art history comparison essay. Do not forget that first impression is very fundamental. It is very imperative for the writer to draw the attention of his or her target readers.

Keep in mind that transitions play very important role in comparison essays as these greatly aid in avoiding confusion. Additionally, without the help of transitions, the points you’re trying to compare may confuse one another. For that reason, it matters to make use of a variety of transitions so you can ward off monotony. Some of the transitions that you can use when comparing comprise of likewise, like, by analogy, compared to, too, similar to, both, similarly, as well and in the same way etc.

Essentially, the conclusion section of your comparison written discourse is just as valuable as the introduction. This is the part which seals the paper and attempts to close the issue presented. This is the final component of the paper that your reader shall experience.


While it is true that by following some of the guidelines mentioned here works wonders, take into consideration that it also makes sense for you to pay attention although your paper is completely composed; it is still not fully prepared for submission. Note that there are some troublesome and typical mishaps that might seriously affect your school grade. Carefully check your paper for some necessary revisions and changes.